A Vision Made Into Reality. How PadyMart was born.

A Vision Made Into Reality. How PadyMart was born.

PadyMart is not just a vision, it is a dream born out of Yvette’s deep love for children. In an interview with Yvette Phillips, the founder of PadyMart, Yvette was very transparent about her story and the birth of PadyMart.

“When my son was a little baby I loved telling him made up fairytale stories.  One night while telling him one of these stories I decided to write it instead.  There in 2009 a dream was born.  Periodically I would add a chapter or two to the story but I didn’t get a chance to complete it.”  Said Yvette as she opens up about her full story.


She attended Monroe College and obtained her degree in Business Administration.  Yvette is a working mother of one adorable child and wife to a husband who had become disabled because of illness.  She faithfully performs her roles of a wife and mother.  “That is no easy task. However, because I trust in the Lord I allow him to guide me each and every day.”  Yvette expressed.  I listened earnestly as Yvette reflected on her journey.

“My vision was always to become an entrepreneur, and I was determined to work diligently towards that.  However, I was focused on becoming an author. In 2016, I was laid off from my job which was my only source of income.  At first, I was very devastated, but then I decided to use that as a learning curve and to make it a positive experience. This was my opportunity to spend more quality time with my family and focus on my dream.

Two months later, I finished writing my first book. While searching for a publisher, I offered personal charter trips to friends and family. I also became an independent contractor with UBER. Finally, a friend recommended Lauren Simone Publishing House. I am now very excited that my book is soon to be published.

I remember this same friend trying to introduce me to invest in an Ecommerce business.  I was hesitant at first, because I was unsure about where my interest lies. She invited me to one of her seminars, ‘Business Start-up Workshop’ Sponsored by BTE Academy. I attended to lend my support. However, I realized after attending the session, that my vision of becoming an entrepreneur could become a reality.

 It was the perfect alignment with my book, my love for children and my passion to work with parents to help educate children.”

Today Yvette is the proud owner of PadyMart and an Author of a children book soon to be released.  Her book will be available for sale on PadyMart.com

PadyMart features the latest in children’s fashion and accessories. They also carry educational toys and of course books to educate and brighten the minds of your little ones.

“You our customers are why we stay in business. This is a dream come true, a vision made into reality”. Yvette said, as she smiles with confidence. I asked Yvette, where do you see PadyMart in the next five years? Her response was instant. “I see us growing into a community where our network will expand to service all parents who need to educate and shop for their children”. 

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A very exciting website you have here Yvette. A dream finally coming through. I applaud you for the strong woman that you are. Your so self driven to achieve whatever task that is set before you. Cant wait for the publication of your book. A milestone that has been accomplished. Keep up the good work girl.


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