Work With Author Yvette Phillips

Yvette is an Author, Blogger, Speaker, Educator, Entrepreneur and most importantly a mother to her only child Matthew, who is currently in college. Yvette has been featured in Red Clover Reader, Creative Touches Celebrations, Orlando Voyager Magazine and Books for life.

She is the author of the five-star fairy tale story book, "The Tale of Princess Alicia", and Activity Book, "The Tale of Princess Alicia Activity Book '' Yvette is also the CEO of her Ecommerce Business, where she sells Personal designed products, books and more.   

If you are interested in working her as a guest author/speaker, please complete the contact form with your information and she will be in touch with you as soon as possible.  You can also contact her at 1-800-655-8362.  Don't forget to add your phone number!


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