Thanksgiving Reflections

Thanksgiving Reflections

At PadyMart we value our customers. This has been a very sad year for a lot of people and so we know that not many will be celebrating a very happy thanksgiving. We want you to know that even though this may be a sad time, over the years it will get a little easier to handle.

I can say this because I have experienced loss myself. In 2019 I lost my sister and in 2020 I lost my husband and my brother-in-law. As we sat down to dinner today it was a very solemn moment because my husband was not here with us. When I saw the sadness on my son, Matthew's face my heart broke for him. He has been very strong and mature in dealing with the loss of his father. I am so proud of the young man that he has become. 

We have learned over the years, how to cope, but there have been moments, and there will always be moments when we experience those periods of sadness. So, I want to say to you, that even though we will always miss those dear to us whom we have lost, their memories will never fade, and they will always be in our hearts.

Enjoy your thanksgiving the best way that you can and cherish those who are still with you. Never lose a moment to show your love and appreciation for them because they will always be in your hearts. We should never be afraid to love and appreciate each other because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Proverbs 27 vs 1 tells us that that we should not boast about tomorrow, because we don't know what it may bring. So let us love and support each other to the best of our ability. 

I love you guys. Thank you always for the many different ways you have given me your support. I pray that you will see a product that you love on my website this holiday season and beyond that will make the perfect gift for someone in your life. God bless you always and have a very happy rest of the year. 


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Very encouraging words of wisdom to inspire others. The truths of real life situations were exemplary.
I also experienced the lost of both my parents at a very critical time of my life, when I needed them the most. But I was determined to move forward with a leap of faith and jumped into the unknown. I never gave up on life inspite of some troublesome moments. I overcame them all and made a choice to be empowered, grow and continuously improve myself.
I do not worry about tomorrow because God is my source of all things I desire right now. Psalm 107:20 is my daily reminder that God sent His word to heal and deliver us from all destructions.
Thanks for sharing your blog.

Addis Luke-Samuel

Amen….but God.

Andrea Groves

Excellent commentary. Everything that was said is so very true. We should tell our loved ones we love them, and give God thanks each day, as tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Joy Nicholson

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