What is Purpose?   What is your Purpose?

What is Purpose? What is your Purpose?




This is a question that has baffled and confused many people for a very long time, because we are not too sure what it is asking of us. However, according to research, everyone does not have the same purpose and apparently there is not any one correct answer to this question. 

We are all placed on this earth for many different reasons and sometimes a person does not recognize his or her purpose in a lifetime. The funny thing about that, is that they might have lived their purpose but did not realize that they were. Our purpose may be present and looking us in the face but because we may think too little of it, we refuse to acknowledge it and so it turns into a missed opportunity that could have fulfilled our purpose.

The purpose of life is subjective, and it differs from person to person. With that said, we cannot be envious of what others are doing or have achieved because that was not what you were called to do. They may be living in their purpose or on their way to fulfilling their purposeful journey. Matthew: 6 vs 33 says, “But seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness and all other things will be added unto you.” 

 What are you focused on? Are you watching what others are doing and achieving, but have not started out on your journey? Yes, at times we will get discouraged, but it is during these moments that we need to pray and seek God’s guidance, because we cannot do it on our own.

One of the toughest times that we all experienced was during the period of 2020 when COVID19 was in full effect. So many lives were lost, so many of us lost our family members that year, including myself. I lost my husband, so I know that it was one of the toughest periods because I experienced it. I could have given up, but that year I listened to what the Lord had to say to me, and it turned out to be my most productive year. I experienced God revealing to me what my purpose was, and I was obedient to his voice. Luke:11 vs 28 says, “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”  That still small voice is there speaking to us but sometimes we ignore it.

 It may be difficult for everyone to find his or her purpose without the help of a Life Coach or a Counselor. Here are a few ways that you can try to achieve this on your own:

  1.     Reflect on your values and your interests: Identify the things you care about the most.  Reflect on the activities that you are passionate about and what makes you feel fulfilled.
  2.     Experiment with new things: Don’t be afraid to try out new things. They can help you discover what you enjoy and what you don’t like. This can also help you to identify your strengths and your weaknesses. Use this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. 
  3.     Practice Gratitude: This can help you to focus on the positive aspects of your life and help you weed out the negative thoughts and actions. This will reveal to you how to appreciate the things you possess.
  4.     Help others: It is such a fulfilling feeling when you help others. It can give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
  5.     Reflect on your life experiences: This is one of the most important pieces. When you reflect on your past experiences, it can help you to identify what you have learned and how you have grown. It can help you identify your strengths and your weaknesses and help you to find your purpose.

 Be patient in your seeking because it will not happen overnight. Please remember that finding your purpose is a journey and not a destination. It will take time and effort, so you need to be intentional in your seeking. When you are praying for guidance be specific in what you’re asking.   

When we take charge of our health and wellbeing, it can help to motivate us, and give us more energy into seeking, finding and identifying our purpose, of who we were called to be. It is absolutely important to identify our purpose, but we should not allow ourselves to feel discouraged if it takes us a while to do so. Everyone does not grow and mature at the same pace, so every discovery will be discovered at a different time. 

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I loved this article very insightful and helpful I will apply those steps moving forward, thank you.


Excellent article. Wow. Great job. Prayer and allowing the Lord to guide us is very important.

Joy Nicholson

A brilliant piece to wake up to, I am greatful to the almighty father and to you for this article. Sometimes walking in purpose is as hard as finding out what that purpose is. But as you rightly said, praying is paramount in sustaining us as we seek to fulfill that purpose. Thank you.


As a Personal Development Coach who specializes in helping individuals uncover purpose, this is such a great blog and sheds light on an area we pay so little attention. Many do not realize that we were born with purpose and that tapping into that God given purpose is what gives meaning to life. Many don’t even realize their Purpose is not for them but to serve others. Amazing article and keep up the great work❤️

Sharline Nelson

Thanks for drawing attention to this very important subject. I too can identify with what has been discussed as i sometimes wonder if i am actually walking in my purpose. I have spoken to a coach who has guided me and i am reassured that i am in deed walking in my purpose; the reflective areas i have engaged in and i have identified the things that makes me feel fulfilled after completing them. And most of all we need to ensure we are seeking God. It is human nature to wonder or question but we must rely on the Lord to be our guide as he really knows us and what we should be doing. The scripture has guided us to ask so let us focus in prayer and follow God’s leading towards our purpose.

Mickelle Emanuel-Frith

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