Why Do We Say “YES"?

Why Do We Say “YES"?

I found some very interesting responses when I googled this question. When we say yes, we are giving an affirmative response. We are saying that we are happy to accept the request or grant permission to something. "Sure" vs. "Yes" - Difference Explained (Helpful Examples) (grammarhow.com)

When we accept something, we say “yes” to show that we are eager to do so and we are thankful to the person who offered it to us. "Sure" vs. "Yes" - Difference Explained (Helpful Examples) (grammarhow.com)

In a religious context, “yes” means that we are surrendering our hearts to God and that we are now allowing Him to rule in every aspect of our lives. Saying Yes to God – Saying Yes to God’s Will, God’s Call, & God’s Plan for Your Life – Joyful Living Blog (jollynotes.com)

However, there are many times when we say yes because we think that’s what the person asking the question wants to hear. When we do this, we are allowing ourselves to please the other person and disappointing ourselves. We ignore our feelings because we want the other person to be happy. 

Is this the right thing to do? I believe that sometimes we can say yes to make someone happy, as long as it does not end up hurting anyone.  For example, it can lead to overcommitting, which can cause stress and anxiety. If we are not careful, it can lead to resentment toward the person or people who are making the request.  There are times when someone is so used to you saying yes to them that when you actually say no to any of their requests, they begin to show you resentment and disbelief.  At times, saying yes is important because it can help build and maintain relationships with others. 

When we say yes, this can bring about a life-altering change, such as a career, home, or school. These changes can either be positive or negative, and it is up to us to ensure that whatever we say yes to will make a positive change in our lives. 

When we say yes to a change in our career pathway, this can be a new opportunity that we didn’t have a chance to explore before, and this can be rather fulfilling. I believe saying yes to a career change can be one of the best decisions we ever make. 

Saying yes to moving to a new neighborhood is another major change that can make you more productive. If you are living in an area that makes you feel unsafe, the best shift that you can make is to say yes to a move to a new neighborhood. 

Getting a good education is paramount to achieving success. The educational foundation that gets built is very important to achieving this. When we say yes to educational opportunities and growth, it will have a positive impact on our lives. One positive impact that this can have on our lives includes opportunities for higher paying jobs. This will in turn increase your income, which will place you in a better position to access better resources. 

Most importantly, relationships can be built or broken with a yes response. Couples sometimes say yes to please each other while they are losing themselves and becoming unhappy. They become unhappy because that’s not what they really want to do, but they are afraid of making their partner unhappy. This is the moment when couples need to be sensitive to the feelings of each other so that, if there are any misunderstandings, they can get corrected. Whatever we do, let us ensure that when we answer yes, it is a decision that we are seriously making. This is a powerful word, and it can build up or destroy a nation within seconds.

I conclude by stating that replying yes is not always the best answer. We have to ensure that when we give a yes answer we are uttering it for the right reasons. We don’t always have to be in agreement with others. Our happiness relies on how confident we are in believing in ourselves and being bold enough to give the right response. Saying yes is not always the right thing to do.

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I loved this piece. So many times we often find ourselves saying yes even though it makes us uncomfortable, but we need to start creating boundaries within ourselves and sometimes that means saying no.

Zhane Kerr

A well written piece. Makes you think about the moments when you really need to say YES and NO and stand firm on it!


Wow, what a way to stop and think. Thank you this was very informative and eye-opening. So many times we say yes to things we shouldn’t or don’t even want to.


A well written piece. This blog has allowed me to look within myself to take on new opportunities without being fearful of the outcome. Saying yes is not always the best answer but not saying yes can rob you of your dreams and aspirations. We can’t know what is behind the leaves of a book until we take that bold step and turn the page.


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