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Princess Alicia Books Gift Box.

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Order Your gift box filled with amazing goodies!  What's included:

1 Princess Alicia Chapter Book

1 Princess Alicia Activity Book

1 Book Marker of your choice

1 Inspirational Bracelet

!!Free gift with purchase while supplies last!!

2 total reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rhonda Colquhoun
A MUST Have!

My daughter was excited to receive the gift box Christmas 2020.
We both found the book to be very well thought out and written.
The way the author went about putting the stories together aroused one's interest to keep going on.
I would recommend the gift box for open minded children.
The activity book had me coloring too as we had a neat coloring competition.
She enjoyed the puzzles and mazes.
It was a good gift and worth the purchase.


I bought this gift box for Peyton (my friend's daughter). She loves a good adventure book. So there was this night I read the book to her and we then played a game of pretend. The magic bracelet was her trusted armor and the mini bag ( she now puts everything in) kept all her weapons (the ball) to protect herself in the forest :) . It was a fun night. I would strongly recommend, especially for those with children of strong and active imagination, it's also a lovely gift if you're thinking educational but fun. Try it! I doubt you will regret it.